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Tips and Pitfalls: IPSEC and CA

  1. domain-name and hostname must be set prior to certificate generation

  2. If you revoke a certificate you need to zeroize the rsa keypair

  3. OSCP must be used for real time revocation checking

  4. You can define multiple trustpoints

  5. When keys are exported the CA certificate and RSA keypair are exported with it

  6. IPSEC is configured on Gigabit interfaces not Port-Channels or FCIP interfaces

  7. IPSEC with digital certificates requires identity hostname

  8. MS iSCSI Initiator IKE uses 3DES, SHA or MD5 and DH 2

  9. MS iSCSI Initiator IPSec uses 3DES, SHA-1

  10. Cisco iSCSI Initiator IKE uses 3DES, MD5, DH1

  11. Cisco iSCSI IPSec uses 3DES, MD5

  12. If the peer IP address specified in the crypto map entry is a VRRP IP address on a remote Cisco MDS switch, ensure that the IP address is created using the secondary option

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