Wireshark 1.4.0 RPCAP not working properly with MDS FCAnalyzer 3.3(5)

Recently I upgraded my Wireshark to the latest version. The version I had been running before was 1.0.6, which was quite old. I like the new interface and new features. I noticed recently however that its RPCAP functionality seems to be broken at least with the Cisco MDS running version 3.3(5).

I setup my MDS in passive remote mode as follows:

MDS2(config)# fcanalyzer remote
MDS2(config)# exit
MDS2# show fcanalyzer
PassiveClient =

I then instruct Wireshark to connect to it just as I always have:

I then receive the following error:

I got the same error when I tried via the command line:

Here is the version I am running:

So I tried the previous stable version, 1.2.11 and had the same issues. In the end I had to go back to Wireshark 1.0.6, which works just perfect. I am not sure if this is a shortcoming in newer Wireshark code, or that because the MDS code I am using is older, its not keeping up with the development of RPCAP. I would think the former, as any future development of RPCAP I would think should be backwards compatible in my opinion.

If anyone has tried the latest Wireshark with NX-OS 4.x or have had different results than me, please let me know, as I am a huge fan of Wireshark and its an important part of my storage and networking studies.

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