Fibre Channel Frames

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rame size 2148 bytes

SOF 4-byte word

Header, 24 byte - Contains source and destination, control information such as what data type.
Routing Control 1-byte
Destination ID 3-bytes
Class-Specific Control / Priority 1-byte
Source ID 3-bytes
Data Structure Type 1-byte
Frame Control 3-bytes
Sequence ID 1-byte
Data Field Control 1-byte
Sequence Count 2-bytes
Originator Exchange ID 2-bytes
Responder Exchange ID 2-bytes
Parameter 4-byte

DATA, 0-2112 bytes (must be divisible by 4, is padded). An optional header which can be in the frame for control information can take up to 112 bytes of the DATA field.

CRC, 4-byte word, 32 bits - performed before 8b/10b encoding

EOF 4-byte word

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