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The CCIE Storage Wiki is for the collection of helpful information to those pursuing a CCIE in Storage Networking.

The idea is to provide a wiki where tidbits of information are cataloged that are important things to remember. These tips could be relevant to the written or lab examinations.

The wiki is also a good place for people to post configuration hints and tips for Cisco MDS in general.

No one should post any information in the wiki that comes directly from any Cisco examination. If this is found, please delete immediately or report to the admin immediately. The purpose of this wiki is not to provide any sort of "cheat sheet" for the Cisco CCIE Storage exam, but rather help people in referencing information.

This wiki was very much just thrown together. The information could benefit greatly by being formatted properly, categories and hierarchies created and more thorough information being supplied. Users are encouraged to take it upon themselves to make this happen. This is a dynamic wiki in which the users should be free to add and change items as they see fit.


Brian Feeny, CCIE #8036

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