TSA almost confiscated my screwdriver bits!

When I travel I pack my Leatherman Charge TTi in my checked luggage to avoid any issue with the TSA (It does have a rather sharp S30V blade as well as numerous other attachments that could be considered “weapons”).  But in my carry on I just leave my bit set, as these are approx 5 cm in length.  yes 5cm.  None of them are sharpened, just your standard flat bit, phillips bits, hex bits, etc.  TSA pulled my bag today at PBI and went through it, and pulled out the bits.  The TSA guy asked another TSA guy “Are these allowed?”, and the person he asked replied “It’s at your discretion.”.  Then he proceeds to tell me how they are really cracking down on this sort of thing and that he will let it slide this time but I need to make sure not to bring them next time.  WTF?  Have our rights and liberties really been diminished to where I can’t bring 5cm phillips bit on a plane?  Actually I use to travel with a full on bit driver and bits, sort of an all-in-one tool I got from Lowes, and It was below the limit of length and I never really had an issue with it other than the occasional TSA agent measuring it.

Anyways, pics of my bits…..these are very small, they are in fact smaller than normal bits as these are more rectangle rather than square at the base.

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