Tips and Pitfalls: Zoning

Common Commands

show zoneset active v vsan

show zone status

switch(config)# zoneset distribute full v vsan

switch# zoneset distribute v vsan (doesn't work in Interop 1)

switch# zone copy active-zoneset full-zoneset v vsan

switch# zoneset import interface fcx/y v vsan

switch# zoneset export v vsan

switch# clear zone database v vsan (removes full zoneset database)

switch(config)# no zoneset activate name name v vsan (removes active zoneset database)

switch(config)# zone merge-control restrict v vsan

Key Points / Pitfalls

  • VSAN’s with broadcast zones can’t be configured in interop mode
  • VSAN’s with LUN zoning can’t be configured in interop mode
  • Enhanced zoning: CFS-like behavior, distribution of full zoneset without activation, default zone policy automatically distributed, fWWN supported in interop 1, attribute groups
  • By default broadcasts are sent to all Nx ports, unless broadcast zoning is enabled, then its only sent to those in the same zone as the sender if the broadcast attribute is enabled
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