Tips and Pitfalls: IVR

Common Commands

show ivr virtual-domains
show ivr internal zone-fsm
show ivr internal debug-log-buffer1
show ivr internal vsan-rewrite-list
show ivr internal fcid-rewrite-list
ivr virtual-fcdomain-add vsan-range range
ivr virtual-fcdomain-add2 afid num vsan-range range
show ivr fcdomain database
ivr virtual-fcdomain-add vsan-ranges range force

Key Points / Pitfalls

  • If you use RDI, persistent domains must be added to fcdomain allowed list
  • Load balancing of IVR NAT traffic across equal cost paths from an IVR-enabled switch is not supported. However, load balancing of IVR NAT traffic over PortChannel links is supported.
  • You cannot configure IVR NAT and preferred Fibre Channel routes on Generation 1 module interfaces.
  • In a configuration involving IVR without NAT, if one VSAN in the IVR topology is configured with static domain IDs, then the other VSANs (edge or transit) in the topology must be configured with static domain IDs.
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