Tips and Pitfalls: Interop

Key Points / Pitfalls

  • switch back to native mode to restart fcdomain
  • can’t use lun zoning, broadcast zoning or zone based QoS
  • FICON and interop modes are mutually exclusive
  • interop 1 doesn’t support “zoneset distr v vsan
  • interop 2 E ports require fcrxbbcredits set to 16 to talk correctly with Brocade switches
  • When using interop mode 4 you must change vsan-wwn to follow the format of: 2y:yy:08:00:88:xx:xx:xx
    • y:yy = the VSAN in hex your working with
    • x = last 3 bytes of actual switch wwn
  • interop 4 offsets domains by 96, so when you configure domain 3, its going to have FCID’s of 0x63xxxx.
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