Tips and Pitfalls: FCDomain and Virtualization

Common Commands

show sdv internal vsan-info van vsan

show sdv internal virtual-domain dump vsan vsan

npv traffic-map server-interface fcx/y external-interface fcx/y

Key Points / Pitfalls

  • SDV virtual members cannot be in IVR Zones
  • Any domain you reserve in SDV must be allowed by the principal switch
  • If using SDV with interop you can’t zone by device-alias
  • Core NPV switch runs NPIV, NPV switches connect to it with NP ports
  • NPV switches must be multicast reachable via mgmt0 since they use CFS ipv4
  • If you make changes to anything with FCID’s make sure you shutdown affected interfaces, purge old entries so that new changes can take effect, then no shut interfaces
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