Things to check before you leave the lab!

I posted this already over at the Cisco CCIE Storage Study Group on Cisco Learning Network, but I thought I would post it here as well since I know a alot of people are reading this.

How about a thread on helpful things to check before you leave the lab!

Probably a good idea to disruptively restart all your VSAN’s, this will make sure your latest changes are reflected, and things like mistakes in allowed domain lists are caught.

show zoneset active – This is one of my favorite because if you don’t see all *’s then you may have a problem!
show int | inc iso – Unless there is a reason, none of your trunks should be isolated
show port-security violations
show fabric-binding violations

copy running-config startup-config – of course!
active equals saved – If you removed this from your FICON VSAN’s that require it, put it back!
sh fspf interf fcx/y-y – make sure nothing has failed unless its suppose to

Double check fcroutes, alpa-cache entries or anything else that may have referenced a domain or FCID that may have changed later

Is your traffic routing properly as instructed: show fspf internal route vsan xx and show fcroute unicast 0xhhhhhh 0x?????? vsan xx

Did you create any ACL’s that may be blocking necessary traffic such as IP CFS, management, TFTP, SNMP, etc?

Did you set static things based on a domain ID that is not static? probably not good since if there is a reboot all could change

Did you test failover for things like VRRP and FSPF? Better be sure its working!

Please add to this thread any other tips that would be helpful in double checking yourself before walking out of the lab!

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