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Complete CCIE Storage Lab using VMDirectPath I/O

Back when I built my storage lab, I had to build separate physical servers (WIN1, WIN2, WIN3 and MGMT) each with their own fibre channel cards and I/O paths.  Today, VMware has VMDirectPath I/O, which allows you to take multiple … Continue reading

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How to turn one JBOD into two JBOD’s

When putting together a storage lab for study, one of the important components is the disk arrays.  For the purpose of CCIE Storage Study, the arrays may seem to be rather generic, and from the MDS perspective they pretty much … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Cisco Storage Virtualization

I don’t mean to sound negative toward Cisco with the title of this blog post, believe me I am one of their biggest fans.  But I definitely can see that there has been a loss of momentum when it comes … Continue reading

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What’s the big problem with thin provisioning?

I have heard a a lot of FUD flying around about Thin Provisioning recently.  People are blogging and putting stuff out there as if Thin Provisioning is this very dangerous concept as if it’s too risky to deploy.  Basically all … Continue reading

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What are you shopping for when you buy storage?

The datacenter and all things in it have really heated up these last 18-24 months.  Compute companies are going in the storage business, networking companies are going into the compute business, everyone wants to have as much of the datacenter … Continue reading

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