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What will FCoE mean for the Cisco MDS?

Cisco has already announced the new Supervisor-2B which advertises support for FCoE on the Cisco MDS.  But what does that mean exactly?  I don’t know for sure, because there really isn’t much information on Cisco to document the FCoE capabilities … Continue reading

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IVR virtual domain in fcdomain domain-list interop mode 2 and 3

Today I was configuring an IVR scenerio that was pretty straight forward. Here is the summary: I establish IVR between MDS1 and MDS2 MDS1 uses VSAN50 interop 2 attached to a Brocade PID0 switch on fc1/6 MDS2 uses VSAN50 interop … Continue reading

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SAN-OS / NX-OS “which” command (Part 3)

As those of you who read this blog know, I am a big fan of the which command in SAN-OS.  I find it very useful, especially for something like CCIE Storage lab study. There are many cases where you might … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Cisco Storage Virtualization

I don’t mean to sound negative toward Cisco with the title of this blog post, believe me I am one of their biggest fans.  But I definitely can see that there has been a loss of momentum when it comes … Continue reading

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Good ports to know for CCIE Storage Lab preparation! IP-ACL’s

Here is a compilation of ports that I run across continuously in my studies for CCIE Storage. If you have any more ports that you think would be applicable in an MDS SAN environment and would likely be good to … Continue reading

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