Road Trip: Route 66

Route 66
I am excited about an upcoming road trip I have planned. We are going to take a drive on historic Route 66. A stretch from California, through Arizona and finally ending in New Mexico.  A total of about 900 miles.  Ideally I wanted to be able to rent a 4×4, perhaps a Jeep Wrangler, but options seem to be quite limited.  Route 66 has a variety of roads, some in good condition, and some so bad that an alternate path is highly recommended unless you have 4×4.  In these few instances we will likely take the alternate path.

Pacing ourselves over approximately three full days of driving, our itinerary roughly looks like this:

Day 1

Los Angeles, California to Needles, California
Lodging: Best Western Colorado River Inn , Needles, California

Day 2

Needles, California to Flagstaff, Arizona
Lodging: Hyatt Pinon Pointe , Sedona, Arizona

Day 3

Flagstaff, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lodging: Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, New Mexico

No real plans along the route yet.  Likely just take it as it comes.  I do plan to bring my metal detector, there is much gold in those areas as well as meteorites.  We will definitely be taking lots of pics.  I will blog about each day on my site and post pictures.

One cool part about this trip, is that it was almost entirely financed by my rewards points.  I am Hyatt Diamond and that sure came in handy.  I was surprised that the Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque was a mere 6000 points and likewise the Hyatt Pinon Pointe Resort was only 12000 points.  The flight in is Palm Beach to Los Angeles via Southwest.  I used points here as well, unfortunately it’s two stops along the way, so basically a full day of traveling out.  My travel days are not counted in the above three road trip days, those are full days of being on Route 66.  Flight out is Albuquerque back to Palm Beach, once again two stops along the way.

Although I travel quite a bit, I have spent the least amount of time in the mountains, deserts and other places out west. The closest I have even come to that was several weeks I have spent in California around Orange County and Anaheim, and several months that I spent in Las Vegas (yes, I spent months in Vegas).  This gave me a feel for the intense desert climate with its dry heat and cold nights, but I did not get to go around the actual Mojave Desert and see mesas, mountains, cacti, etc.

If anyone has any tips on places to see along this stretch of Route 66, or something not to far off the beaten path, please let me know.

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