Power Requirements for an MDS lab

When building an MDS lab one of the things to keep in mind is that these units require quite a bit of power and they generate quite a bit of heat. Here are some rough figures to go by that I have used in building my lab. My lab uses 3 dedicated 20A circuits. However, since I am using APC power units that are only rated at 15A, I have to keep a 15A budget per circuit. APC (and other manufacturers) do make IP ready PDU’s which can goto 20A or above.

Item Amps Required
Cisco MDS 9216A 5
HP DL360G3 Server 1.5
JMR Fortra 6 Drive JBOD 1.5
Xyratex RS-1600-FC2 JBOD 2.5
Sun A5200 JBOD 2.5
EMC DS-24M2 Switch .5
Brocade Silkworm 2400 .5
Cisco 3750G .5
Cisco 2511 .5
Cisco PAA2 .5

I hope this gives you a basic idea of how many Amps to budget for your equipment. On all equipment I am only plugging in single power supplies.

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