Passed the CCIE Storage Lab!

I found out today that I passed the CCIE Storage lab!  It was a long and stressful journey and I glad I have finally made it.  I took my lab on Tuesday Oct 12, 2010 in San Jose.  San Jose is a beautiful city and hopefully I can go back there sometime (maybe to take another lab!).  I plan to post a writeup of some of my preparation and what I feel were some of the essential ingredients.  Also some of the mistakes I made along the way, which hopefully will save some others time and money.  It is definitely a worthwhile journey.  Storage is increasingly an even more important part of the network as it ever was.   Storage networks and data networks are converging into unified networks.  There will be a surge in advanced technology surrounding these areas and continued increased professional services for many years as companies convert from FC to IP based storage technologies.  The Cisco MDS runs the same OS as NX-OS used in the Nexus switches.  The work done on the CCIE Storage can be leveraged to help understand the Nexus 1k, 2k, 5k and even the 7k.

There are only approximately 150 CCIE Storage certified engineers in the world.  The program has been around for over 5 years.  Having the CCIE Storage does not just show Cisco MDS knowledge.  It involves expert understanding of Fibre Channel technologies and storage architecture.  In my journey I also got my Storage Design and Support Specialist certifications from Cisco.  All the things learned about RPO/RTP, fan-in/fan-out, replication, IOps, zoning, security, etc are important regardless of the underlying vendor.

I encourage anyone who is interested to seek this certification and contribute to the Cisco CCIE Storage Study group which can be a valuable resource.  I will continue to blog here as I learn exciting new stuff with the MDS and other technology.

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