Passed EMC Information and Storage Management (ISM) E20-001

I am happy to say that I have passed the EMC E20-001 exam for Information Storage and Management.  This is the gateway exam into EMC Proven that allows you to prepare for and study many other more specific EMC exams.  I plan to pursue my EMC TA SI2 (Storage Information and Infrastructure) exam.  EMC TA’s are EMC employees or partners, generally working as consulting engineers and it can be particularly beneficial to those in pre-sales work, which is where I spend a lot of my time.  I also plan to take the EMC TA in CLARiiON and NAS as well.  Lastly I would like to pursue my EMC IE exam’s in CLARiiON and NAS as well.

On the ISM exam I used there Get Proven starter bundle which is a really good deal, especially when you figure that for $500 you are getting something that includes a $200 test voucher.  I found the exam to be easy and straight forward for me.  A lot of the exam was fairly high level and focused on a lot of storage conceptual stuff that I have beaten to death in pursuit of my CCIE Storage, so I was happy about that.  I focused mostly on the EMC specific types of information such as how CLARiiON’s do local/remote replication, how Invista works, details about Rainfinity, etc.

I have access to actual CLARiiON’s and Celerra systems in our lab, and then I will also run the simulators in my VMware Lab that I am bringing online as well.  I am looking forward to growing my skills in the EMC, NetApp and VMware technologies.

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