My new “lab”

I sold my CCIE storage lab as there was no practical reason to keep it after passing and have purchased a new lab, this time a fitness lab. At the heart of it is the Powertec Power Rack with Lat Attachment, Powertec Utility Bench, and leg attachment. I put down 3/8″ commercial gym flooring, flecked black, Tamita Scale, Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells and finally a True PS300 treadmill.

So far it’s really working out well. I have already dropped several pant sizes in a few months, lost about 10 lbs total and gained a good bit of muscle mass.

Here are some pics:

Also I am taking some supplements.  Universal Animal Pack vitamin pack, L-Glucosimine, BSN NO-Xplode (pre-workout), BSN Cellmass (creatine, post-workout), Syntrax Nectar (protein, post-workout).  These seem to work out well.  I have also been trying to keep it at 1400 calories or less, and typically I have been doing less.

My short run is up to 2mi now and I hope to steadily start raising that.  It took about 2 months before I got through all the soreness with running, lots of core strengthening my legs had to do.  I am also mixing in some in-line skating which is still pretty good cardio but not nearly as hard on my joints.

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