My EDC (Every Day Carry)

Here is my EDC.  I travel every week practically, so I am constantly on airlines.  I have to move some of the stuff out of my EDC into a Maxpedition Fatty Organizer.

As some of you may know, my luggage was stolen on this last trip, so I lost several EDC items including my Olive Drab Griptillian (now replaced with the Orange one), Leatherman Charge TTi (replaced), Zero Tolerance 0350 Satin (on order with

Below, my bag is a Maxpedition Lunada, the perfect size to carry my iPad and several items.






When I travel I use one of the NiteIze clips to attach my work identification, when working its attached to my belt loop.







JetScream whistle on other side of bag also attached via NiteIze clip







Front zipper compartment I use for quick access to my ID, which is a Tumi wallet/moneyclip holder and carries a few basic items like Drivers License, Bank Card, etc.







Many items in the front large storage compartment.  I use the keyper often for my keys.  In the back I keep an eyeglass cleaning cloth, a pill case (cant see it in this picture), and a small notepad.

Clockwise is hand sanitizer, 4Sevens Quark 123 S5 limited edition, Leatherman bits and extender, Leatherman Charge TTi, Pelikan M200, Parker Sonnet, Fisher Spacepen, Benchmade Griptillian 551-ORG (laser engraved with my email and name!)







Top storage compartment has an iPad Charger, iPhone headphones wrapped around NiteIze Curvyman, Extra NiteIze gear ties, Thumb holder for Quark, Extra NiteIze size 0 carbiner, Sunglasses







Large compartment has a iPad inside of an Incase case, and Molelskine notebook, change goes in the zipper pouch







Maxpedition CCW holster goes in the back of the bag, normally carries my Sig P232, but I am travelled and did not bring it this trip, I can add pics of this later, fits very nice and is comfortable because of the Lunada’s padding, also because its a slingpack it can be slung and drawn fairly quickly.







A pic of all the items.  Not shown is my stolen (but on order again) Zero Tolerance 0350 which I carry in my pocket.







Maxpedition 4.5″ Clip-on cellphone holster fits the iPhone PERFECT, I use my iPhone for the pictures so that’s why its empty in this pic.  Also this item attaches to the Lunada perfectly.







Later I will post my computer bag EDC as well as my luggage setup.  Although since they stole my luggage I don’t think I am going to replace my Apple TV and Garmin Nuvi (Delta won’t reimburse for electronics anyways).

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