MDS ASICs and Las Vegas Hotels

Some updated information on this. Vegas is the platform name of Generation-1 MDS linecards. Generation-2 linecards are platform Isola. So it makes sense the ASIC’s are named after Vegas hotels. I have no idea what Isola is, anyone?

Here is a piece of interesting information. Many of the ASICs on the MDS modules are named after Las Vegas hotels. Look at this output from module 1 of a 9216a:

MDS1# attach module 1
module-1# clear asic-cnt list-all-devices

Asic Name | Device ID
X-Bus IO | 1
sahara | 2
UD Fix Epld | 24
Power Mngmnt Epld | 25
riviera | 3
luxor | 4
U-frontier | 5
D-frontier | 6
aladdin | 7
ssa | 8
fatw | 15
bellagio | 12
Marriott | 27

I do not know what each function of each specific ASIC does. I find it interesting they capitalized Marriott but left the others in lowercase.

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