In-Memory Data Management with Hasso Plattner

Very excited to be starting a class “In-Memory Data Management” taught by none other than Professor Hasso Plattner (SAP AG) via the Open HPI Institute.   The course is 7 weeks long, is highly technical, and covers everything you need to know about In-Memory Databases.  I originally was turned onto this course because of my current interests in Big Data.  A key game changer going on with Big Data right now is In-Memory Computing, where companies such as SAP have created products, such as SAP HANA, that leverage this technology to be able to do things that were never possible before.

The course itself is a bit agnostic, so the information learned is applicable to technology being developed and deployed by others besides SAP.  For example, a key characteristic of SAP HANA is that it is columnar, something that other companies are doing such as EMC Greenplum and HP Vertica.

There is a lot I am biting off right now with three classes going full bore.  In addition to this class in In-Memory Data Management, I am also enrolled in a Statistics course and a course in Distributed Computing using Java.  My nights and weekends will be busy for sure.

Hats off to people like Hasso Plattner who make great education available for free to so many.

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