Home Gym Built!

I have gained ALOT of weight over the last nine months of traveling.  I am also totally out of shape.  Despite having a LA Fitness membership, and at all times being within 5 miles of a LA Fitness, also despite staying at hotels which have a decent range of gym equipment.  Basically my lifestyle broke down, not that it was any good to begin with.  As any engineer would, I built a project plan to help me deal with this.  Basically, with help from my wife, was persuaded to turn my would-be home office/man-cave into a home gym.  We had an extra room in our house we just stored junk in, it was really a waste of a perfectly good room.

So, the room is not that big at all.  In fact its the smallest room in my house, its like 10×10 or so.  I decided on going with a Powertec Power Rack, Powertec Lat Attachment, Powertec Utility Bench, Powertec Weight Tree, and a Powertec Leg Curl attachment.  I also added wall to wall 3/8″ rubber gym flooring, Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbell set with stand and a True PS300 Treadmill which I found a great deal on, on Craigslist.  I put a small fridge in the corner and have plans to add a small flat screen in front of the treadmill.  In this room I hope to begin my transformation!

I have always lost weight pretty easy, sometimes as much as 2.5-5lbs in a week.  I like to run, but I have bad knees.  I previous had meniscus surgery on one of my knees, and I am prone to injury, so I try to stick on treadmills. In my past running routines I was not really aggressive with getting my distance up.  I will try to expand a quarter mile each run or so.  This True PS300 is really nice and running will be a key part in my weight loss.

The Powertec equipment is unbelievably well built.  It has bars to do pull ups and dips as well.  I can do rows, squats, lat pulldowns, deadlifts, presses (incline/decline/overhead), etc.  I can pull the bench out of the rack (it has wheels) and set up with the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells and do a lot of exercises with those.  Plus the floor is all rubber so I can do situps and other floor exercises and stretching comfortably.  The room is very cramped however, it should prove functional.

I still plan to keep my LA Fitness.  Its a good place when traveled which I often do, and there are some really cool machines in there as I start to get more involved for specific training.  In the past I would take Hydroxycut, Creatine and Protein.  I will likely do the same this time, with a vitamin.  I plan to follow the 12-week transformation by Kris Gethin at bodybuilding.com.  My goal is to lose 30 lbs and gain some muscle without injuring myself.  I also plan to step up my fitness and do more mountain biking and other activities, where I will get the time I have no idea.

Pictures to follow of my gym!

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