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Just something I wanted to share. ┬áThis is so dead-on……….our country is run by ineffective idiots who use politics as war.

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“Fair enough. As for the “liberal slant” on FT, I will only say that in my view, this thread is a good example of how political discourse in this country has slanted not toward liberalism or conservatism, but rather toward stupidity and the death of reason, intellect, and pragmatism. We all bear responsibility for it–the shouters at both political extremes and the mindless people who listen to their every word, the spineless politicians that pander to the ideological poles, and the electorate for allowing this to happen.

I’m just one voter, but I have no interest in ideological food fights. The perpetual campaign and politics-as-war are fatal to effective government. We have serious problems that need to be addressed by rational adults who can put aside their differences and be responsible stewards of the country. Unfortunately, that approach is not very popular in American politics these days.”

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