Got a Fender Stratocaster!

Something came over me the last few days and I was hell bent on picking up a guitar.  So I set off on a search that included 3 Sam Ash’s in South Florida and 3 Guitar Centers, and all of Craigslist.  I did not have much luck with Craigslist.  Many people are just very unresponsive, and I also worried about the condition of some of the instruments.  I decided that I really wanted a Fender Stratocaster (SSS) and set out to find one.

I found one in Lake Placid Blue at Sam Ash in Margate, Fl.  I was really happy with this purchase.  To go with it, I found a VOX VT20+ amp on Craigslist for a great deal.  Really like that amp, has a tube for the pre-amp stage and uses solid state for the finals, for a real nice sound.  It’s a modeling amp similar to the Line 6 Spider series.  I am not new to music, as I have been playing piano and keyboards since I was about 14, not constantly but on and off.  So all the music theory is a breeze for me and I am just concentrating on getting my fingers in order.

So it wasn’t before long, that I realized it was something Scarlett and I could enjoy doing together and so she got a guitar too.  A Fender Stratocaster (Black Top, HH) with a Fender Mustang II modeling amp.  The amp is very cool, you can plug it into your computer via USB and download the presets into it, which is a pretty neat feature, its 40 watts too so has some good power for practicing.

Picked up Guitar for Dummies and a few other books, ordered the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar DVD’s, which look very promising, a chord and exercise book, and was set.  Spent the last few days learning basic open chords like A, Am, E, Em, C, G, D, F…….and basically practicing chord progressions trying to get my fingers to toughen up, which could take weeks or months.

Also through the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos on my iPod, some of which I was familiar with but a lot of it I was not, so it gives me a whole new way to look at music.  So I am pretty stoked about this.  Below is a picture of my Guitar:

Fender Stratocaster and Vox VT20+ amp

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