Excellent Infographic on MOOC’s

I wanted to share an article I came across on MOOC’s.  As most of you know, enrollment in MOOCs is explosive, and companies such as Coursera and Khan Academy are constantly coming up with more and more content, classes and interesting ways for people to learn.

Here is a link to this excellent article: The Minds Behind The MOOCs

As this infographic explains, MOOCs are about more than just education.  They are a social presence – a network of their own.  The amount of interaction that takes place is amazing.  And the quality of this interaction is not on the level of saying “hi” to someone, or talking about what food or movie you like.  This is engaged conversation, where people are leveraging each other to be better, more productive, and more educated.  Its what I would call a social network with a high signal to noise ratio.

It’s not surprising to see that more than 60% of those enrolled are outside of the USA.  We take for granted in the USA our excellent access to quality affordable education.  This is not the case in many part of the world, evidenced by the high number of people who seek education Visa’s to attend some of our universities.  The interesting part is that some of the best universities in the USA, those of the likes of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and others, are some of the largest proponents of MOOCs.  

It will be interesting to watch MOOCs over the next several years as they mature.  No doubt they will continue to thrive and gain legitimacy.  Already institutions are offering credit via MOOCs for some classes.

Here is a picture of the infographic from http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/minds-behind-moocs

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