Enhanced zoning issues in SAN-OS

I have been working a number of labs that last few days and having a hard time with enhanced zoning.  I would create a few VSAN’s with enhanced zoning, and would notice that the FCNS databases would become inconsistent between switches within the VSAN.  I am using 3.3.4a and there doesn’t seem to be a bug id logged for this issue, but it is pretty easy to replicate.  What’s worse, is I have not found a fix for the issue.  I could reboot my lab at any point and the issue will be there.

The “fix” is to suspend the VSAN and unsuspend it, and that may fix it.  At first, it did not work for me.  I had to remove enhanced zoning.  Even then I would have some switches where it would not allow me to remove enhanced zoning.  It would act like it was removed, but then when I check with “sh zone status vsan <x>” it would show it was still in enhanced zoning mode.  I would actually have to remove the VSAN totally.  This is very time consuming and if it bites me in the CCIE lab its not going to be a fun experience.

My trunks and ISL’s are solid in my lab, no errors, I have triple checked everything.  I do not know of a way to fix these issues with enhanced zoning once and for all, but if someone knows please share it with me.  Be careful when switching to enhanced zoning.   Some of my experiences with these bugs are best explained here:

Enhanced zoning woes – please share your experiences!
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