EMC Cloud Architect! Hopefully one of the first 50…..

Those of you may know that EMC has a new certification they released toward the end of March called Cloud Architect.  They just starting shipping the VILT for this course last week and this week begins the first of the formal classes.  EMC is currently running a promotion where the first 50 people to get Cloud Architect get into EMC World free, which is like a $2100 ticket!  EMC Employees are excluded, I would assume that means anyone part of VCE.

I did not get the VILT.  I was familiar with most of the concepts, took the exam, and passed with flying colors!  So now I just have to wait to see if EMC Education Services contacts me to let me know if I was one of the first 50.  I ended my test at around 11:45am EST on 4/11/11, so hopefully that puts me as one of the winners.

Not only would I be looking forward to the event, but they also allow you to get 50% a test while your there, so I am sure there is something more I could tackle by then.  I am really interested in hearing the lectures on ITaaS and Cloud Architectures (The Journey to the Private Cloud – as EMC would say).

Now for me it’s back to my Celerra studies during the evenings and weekends.  Luckily, Celerra is probably the easiest of all things EMC I have encountered, but I wanted to tackle it before digesting a bunch of VNX, so that I have a solid ground on the generation that led to that platform.

Big Kitty says "I can has EMC Cloud Architect?"











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