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The Most Certified Director – with Brian Feeny

Flattered that Mirek Burnejko with IT Certification Master did an interview with me on my career.  Full article can be read here.  I don’t know if I am in fact the most certified director, but I have definitely done (and continue … Continue reading

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Complete CCIE Storage Lab using VMDirectPath I/O

Back when I built my storage lab, I had to build separate physical servers (WIN1, WIN2, WIN3 and MGMT) each with their own fibre channel cards and I/O paths.  Today, VMware has VMDirectPath I/O, which allows you to take multiple … Continue reading

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SNIA Certified Storage Professional passed!

Today I passed the SNIA Certified Storage Professional examination S10-101.  I had studied a bit for it, but I leveraged a lot of what I had learned when preparing for my CCIE Storage as well as real world experience.  The … Continue reading

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How Hitachis Hu Yoshida got the last word | Data-driven – CNET News

How Hitachis Hu Yoshida got the last word | Data-driven – CNET News. This article is an interesting tie-in to my previous article The Rise and Fall of Cisco Storage Virtualization.  One thing is for sure, storage virtualization is here … Continue reading

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How to turn one JBOD into two JBOD’s

When putting together a storage lab for study, one of the important components is the disk arrays.  For the purpose of CCIE Storage Study, the arrays may seem to be rather generic, and from the MDS perspective they pretty much … Continue reading

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