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Cisco MDS and Brocade Interop Issues with Per VC Flow Control

One issue to be mindful of when configuring Cisco MDS switches with Brocade switches is that Brocades Per VC Flow Control must be disabled.  Cisco MDS 9000 switches do not support Brocades Per VC Flow Control.  The flow control will … Continue reading

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Tips and Pitfalls: Interop

Key Points / Pitfalls switch back to native mode to restart fcdomain can’t use lun zoning, broadcast zoning or zone based QoS FICON and interop modes are mutually exclusive interop 1 doesn’t support “zoneset distr v vsan“ interop 2 E … Continue reading

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IVR virtual domain in fcdomain domain-list interop mode 2 and 3

Today I was configuring an IVR scenerio that was pretty straight forward. Here is the summary: I establish IVR between MDS1 and MDS2 MDS1 uses VSAN50 interop 2 attached to a Brocade PID0 switch on fc1/6 MDS2 uses VSAN50 interop … Continue reading

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What switches to buy (or not buy) for interop training

If you are going to build a storage lab to study for the CCIE Storage Networking, you will need to have switches from other vendors to test interop.  The Cisco CCIE Storage Lab equipment list makes it clear that you … Continue reading

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