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Cisco MDS and Brocade Interop Issues with Per VC Flow Control

One issue to be mindful of when configuring Cisco MDS switches with Brocade switches is that Brocades Per VC Flow Control must be disabled.  Cisco MDS 9000 switches do not support Brocades Per VC Flow Control.  The flow control will … Continue reading

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How to reset Grace Licensing in Cisco SAN-OS

One of the nice things about SAN-OS (and also NX-OS) is that you can enable features, even if you do not have full licenses installed. What happens is the devices come with a “try before you buy” licensing model where … Continue reading

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OSM Ratio’s on MDS blades

Recently the topic came up on the Cisco Learning Network on OSM ratio’s for the 18/4 module.  Here is a summary of many of the ratios for various modules as well as some handy notes: Generation 2 Switches and Modules … Continue reading

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Using Secondary Addresses with VRRP

VRRP on the MDS in it’s basic form looks something like this: Switch 1

In the above configuration, is the actual physical interface address and is also the VIP address.  This is common.  The other side may … Continue reading

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Port Indexes and Multigeneration Modules

This post is to highlight something that is already mentioned on, but you may not be aware of.  That is the number of port indexes consumed by various MDS modules. Module Port Indexes Consumed DS-X9016 16 DS-X9032 32 DS-X9032-SSM … Continue reading

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