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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – Storage

Hacking NX-OS Part 1

Some of you may know me as a sage hacker from the mid 80’s to the early 90’s.  Although, if you met me after 1994, most of you probably don’t know that about me at all.  It was a previous … Continue reading

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Cisco MDS and Brocade Interop Issues with Per VC Flow Control

One issue to be mindful of when configuring Cisco MDS switches with Brocade switches is that Brocades Per VC Flow Control must be disabled.  Cisco MDS 9000 switches do not support Brocades Per VC Flow Control.  The flow control will … Continue reading

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Fibre Channel Credits vs. FCoE’s “Pause”

Anyone who comes from a Fibre Channel background likely has a pretty good understanding of Buffer to Buffer (B2B) Credits.  The Fibre Channel network is designed so that all capacity within the system is carefully distributed and not oversubscribed.  This … Continue reading

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Complete CCIE Storage Lab using VMDirectPath I/O

Back when I built my storage lab, I had to build separate physical servers (WIN1, WIN2, WIN3 and MGMT) each with their own fibre channel cards and I/O paths.  Today, VMware has VMDirectPath I/O, which allows you to take multiple … Continue reading

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Using NetApp Disk Shelves as a JBOD

One of the questions I am asked many times is about what type of disk storage (JBOD) can be used for CCIE Storage studies.  There are many that can be used.  I prefer to use something that is public loop … Continue reading

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