Jeju Sauna, Atlanta GA

Jeju Sauna Entrance

The other night I went to Jeju Sauna in Atlanta, Georgia.  This place gets rave reviews on, so I had to check it out.  Basically it’s like nothing you have probably ever been to in your life.  Something right out of Asia.  It’s a Korean Spa.  Here is the rundown.


First, this place is huge, like the size of an LA Fitness.  You walk in and you pay $25.00, you have to give them your ID as well, they hold onto it until you leave.  They hand you a toothbrush, razor and a “uniform”.  The uniform is like orange for guys and pink for girls.  You then proceed to either the Men’s area or the Women’s area.  In there you find lockers, sinks, bathrooms, changing areas.  There is an area in here where you are supposed to be nude.  These are hot whirlpools (hotter than any whirlpool I have ever been in, in my life, like way hot), showers, hip showers, pool (a bit cold), hot sauna, steam sauna.  I had never been in a real steam sauna.  It was quite unbelievable, I could never have imagined just how much damn steam was in there.  It was very hard to breathe, and honestly I don’t know how people do it I had to leave after just a few minutes.  I went back several times but I could not stay in there.

Also on the same-sex sides, they have services like massage, body scrub, etc.  The body scrub is an experience you can’t imagine.  Before doing something like this you will want to spend alot of times in the saunas, pools, steam rooms, etc to loosen your skin.  Then after that, they basically put you on a table and goto work.  I paid $70 for 1/2 hour massage, 1/2 hour scrub.  They wash everything, many times, scrub your entire body, major exfoliation, then wash again, wash your hair, massage with this accupressure that was the roughest massage ever, it was almost hard to bare it.  Felt like it was doing some good though.  Same-sex staff are doing this btw, so if your a homophobe then this may not be for you.  These people scrub your face, massage your face, it’s insane.  Anyways, it was worth it i would go back.

Once you leave the same-sex area, you goto the co-ed area.  In here are numerous rooms.  These are huge.  Some made of charcoal, salt, jade, and many other things.  Each has a different temperature.  They even have cold rooms.  You can use towels, blankets, pillows, and many people goto sleep.  There is a complete restaurant inside, swimming pools, eating areas, TV areas, sleeping areas, its quite the sight.  I hung out in the co-ed areas first, hit all the different saunas, then went into the same-sex area, loosened up, and then got the massage/scrub.  Most of the people in here are asian, yes.  But there are many non-asian people as well as customers.

One thing that is definitely noticeable is this place is clean as can be.  The whole place is immaculately clean.  There is also areas in the co-ed where you can get regular massages (not scrubs), foot massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc.  The place is quite busy.  Many bring their children, many spend the night.  The $25 fee gets you there for 24 hours if you like.

I have never seen anything like this.  There aren’t that many in the US, but Atlanta has one.  None exist in South Florida that I know of.

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